Roxy Woman's Ignite 4/3mm Full Wetsuit

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4/3mm Roxy Ignite Full Wetsuit Limited Edition This Roxy wetsuit is the next generation of the Ignite series and is made of 100% Superstretch Neoprene and has Liquid Sealed Seams! This is virtually water tight seamed wetsuit! The Roxy Ignite incorporates boasts a 4/3mm proprietary water repellent neoprene plus a Vapor Stretch Neoprene in the chest panel! This wetsuit is so water tight and well made that it is often worn in waters that most 5/4/3mm wetsuits go! The benefit of a 4/3 wetsuit is more flexibility and mobility because this wetsuit is made of high end super stretch neoprene with welded seams, you will notice that you can go into colder waters with this wetsuit, it has a lower temp rating is than all standard 4/3mm wetsuits because of how the seams are constructed and the wrist, ankle, neck, and zipper seals are constructed. Roxy 3/2mm & 4/3mm Video With the exception of the thickness of the neoprene, both are identical in construction The Roxy Ignite 4/3mm womens wetsuit is made with fiber-Lite Neoprene starts with the lightest closed- cell neoprene foam available: XTX. It has closed-cell Neoprene foam with countless microscopic air cells to trap and contain warmth. The nylon jersey is infused with bamboo charcoal. Because of Roxy's unique materials, weaving, and lamination process, the FIBER-LITE NEOPRENE is 14% more flexible, absorbs less water, dries faster, and weighs less than anything you can imagine. The LFS (Liquid Flex Seal) is a stretchy, flexible liquid tape that seals GBS (Glued and Blind Stitched)seams. The Ignite boasts interloc 2.0 seals - comfortable, yet relentless grip around your wrists and ankles to eliminate water entry. The chest panel contains Roxy's HFT heating system. This HFT material's ability to effectively wick water away from your body reduces the amount of energy your body uses to stay warm. You stay warmer, your suit stays lighter and you stay in the water longer. Also our LFS (Liquid Flex Seal) is a stretchy flexible liquid tape that offers an incredible seam seal to eliminate leaks. This suit is a great choice for price and performance! This is one of our most wanted wetsuits and we finally have them back in stock! The colors and design of this wetsuit make it a favorite! An excellent multi-sport wesuit. THIS IS A LIMITED EDITION WETSUIT!


Product Title: Roxy Woman's Ignite 4/3mm Full Wetsuit

Manufacturer: Roxy

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