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Canon EOS cameras are popular with astro-imaging enthusiasts. But, the typical T-ring-to-telescope setup does not take advantage of the wide aperture of the Canon bayonet mount: significant vignetting is caused by the constriction of the T-ring opening.The Tele Vue Canon Wide T Adapter with bayonet attachment for 2.4-inch connects to your EOS SLR or DSLR in place of the T-ring and provides 25 percent greater aperture to minimize vignetting.

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Product Type: Adapter


Product Title: Tele Vue Canon Wide T Adapter

Manufacturer: Tele Vue

Lowest Price: $56.89 from Adorama

Power Score: 3.0 | 2 Reviews

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Performs as advertised.

This product allows the attachment of a Canon T-ring adapter to a 2.4" Televue focuser lens. I am using a Tele Vue Universal Paracorr lens as a coma corrector for a fast Newtonian astrograph. It requires the removal of the center ring of the standard Cano

By Astro Bob on Adorama - Feb 24, 2010

Do Not Buy - Incorrectly Designed

This product has been misdesigned by Televue and is incapable of connecting a Canon Camera to anything. Televue now sells a CTW 2070 which performs the function the CTW 1070 was allegedly designed to perform. Under no circumstances should one purchase the

By Planetarium Director on Adorama - Jun 30, 2008

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