Gear Grab and Go Bug Out Bag

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The Grab And Go Bug Out Bag is for those emergency times when you need to leave immediately but don't have time to pack anything. On your way out, grab this kit and have lots of survival essentials and comfort items in a backpack that won't weigh you down. This kit is stocked full of quality gear you can count on. Remember, the most important thing when dealing with survival is to use your head first. And then being able to count on your gear. 1ea Everest Brand Backpack - Tough backpack for carrying your gear - RED Shelter Items 1ea Tube Tent - A place to sleep out of the weather 1ea Thermal Blanket - Retains body heat; Can use as ground cloth under tube tent 1ea Poncho - Orange - Keeps you dry - Increases visibilty 1ea Emergency Blanket -Strong weatherproof blanket to keep you warm Food and Water Items 1ea Emergency Food Bars - Puts some calories in you. 4ea Emergency Drinking Water - 4.2oz each 1ea Water Bottle & Filter - Fill with water and drink the filtered water Personal Cup/Bowl Eating Utensil 1ea Sierra Cup - Jumbo - 14oz - Your own cup and bowl to eat and prepare with 1ea Light My Fire Spork - Spoon, Fork, and Knife all in one Fire Starting 1KIT Fire Starter & Tinder - Lights even when wet Medical First Aid 1ea Ultralight & Watertight .7 First Aid Wound care, blisters, medications, bleeding and bandages 2ea Tissue Packs Light/Signal 4ea Chem Light - Green 12 hr stick; bend it and it glows for 8-12 hours 1ea Mini FlashlightMini Flashlight - Batteries included. 1ea Rescue Howler Whistle - Loud whistle to signal for help. Tools 1ea Campers Multi tool - Knife, pliers, other useful tools all in one with case 1ea 550 Cord - 50feet - Many field uses 1ea Backpackers Sewing & Repair Kit - lets you mend clothing and gear 1ea Snare Wire - 100 foot roll - Use for setting traps to catch rabbits or squirrel

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Sports Type: camping

Color: Multi, Orange, Red

Material: Down


Product Title: Gear Grab and Go Bug Out Bag

Manufacturer: Gear

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