Nike Maxim Premier League Hi-Vis Ball 5 - Soccer Ball

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Nike Soccer Ball: Nike Maxim Premier League Hi-Vis Ball. Easy-to-spot ball for premier play. Made with durable materials and contrast panels that stand out during play, the Nike Maxim PL Hi-Vis Soccer Ball retains its shape and is easy to see. COVER: Micro-textured casing improves ball control by equalizing airflow across surface. Compressed PU cover stores energy from impact and releases it at launch. Cross-linked nitrogen-expanded foam for exceptional shape retention. Polyester support fabric. Geometric precision design distributes pressure evenly for consistency, accuracy and power. BLADDER: Six-wing carbon latex for explosive speed. FIFA approved. 60/15/13/12 rubber/polyurethane/polyester/EVA. Note: All of our balls are shipped deflated. This helps in keeping our shipping costs low, savings that we can pass on to you. Standard Ball Sizing Size 5: ages 12 and up Size 4: ages 8-12 Size 3: ages 8 and under Size 1: skills/practice


Product Title: Nike Maxim Premier League Hi-Vis Ball 5 - Soccer Ball

Manufacturer: Nike

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