Jones Snowboards 2013 Jones Flagship Snowboard - 164cm

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Brand: Jones Snowboards. Product Style: 2013 Jones Flagship Snowboard - 164cm. Coveted for it’s stability at speed and wall crawling edge grip, the Flagship is a big mountain board you can trust your life to. Jeremy Jones and Luca Pandolfi trust the Flagship on first descents every winter. Mitch Toelderer won the 2011 Freeride World Tour on a Flagship. Ryland Bell has a Flagship welded to his boots, he won't step foot on any other board. So what’s the big deal with the Flagship It goes fast. Really, really fast. The Flagship knows no speed limit as the Mellow Magnetraction keeps it solid on ice, while the blunt nose, directional rocker and camber underfoot deliver the float and stability necessary to bomb lines. Carbon stringers and an ash wood topsheet provide a lively but damp board feel that’s big on pop and solid on landing. When the terrain demands confidence and control the Flagship is in a league of its own. No other freeride board on the planet can match it’s power or agility. Does it sound like a superhero The Flagship will make you feel like one.   FREE HELMET CAM WITH PURCHASE OF THIS ITEM!!! Purchase a qualifying 2013 Ski, Snowboard, Ski Boot, Snowboard Boot, Ski Binding or Snowboard Binding of $499 or more and get a FREE Helmet Cam! (MSRP $99.95) Click Here to View Free Gift Directions:                    ·          Add a qualifying item to your shopping cart ·          If the item you’ve selected qualifies you’ll be given the option to add your Free Helmet Cam to the shopping cart ·          Add the Free Helmet Cam to your cart and complete check out as usual ·          That’s it! We’ll include your Free Helmet Cam with the shipment of your order!    


Product Title: Jones Snowboards 2013 Jones Flagship Snowboard - 164cm

Manufacturer: Jones Snowboards