Forum 2012 Forum Men's Deck 157cm Snowboard

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Brand: . Product Style: 2012 Forum Men's Deck 157cm Snowboard. Ready to rip, this deck offers a Combo Platter profile for a skate-like ride through all parks. Combo Platter combines the pop and power of camber with the forgiving and playful ride of rocker into one powerful park machine. Lifting the edges underfoot off of the snow, Combo Platter eliminates edge catch while maintaining grip and control for life-changing park shredding. Ride it once, and you'll be screaming Me Gusta Forum. 2011-2012 Forum Deck Men's Snowboard key features: Combo Platter Profile - All power and pop with added forgiveness. With the same pop, edge grip, and stable landing platform as camber, combined with the forgiving and playful ride of rocker, Combo Platter ends the camber vs. rocker debate for good. This completely unique profile has 3.75cm wide platters running 25 centimeters along each edge, located just under the toes and heels of your feet. By lifting the edges off of the snow 2mm in those key areas, the board has a less catchy feel but still maintains smooth grip and control when you put it on edge. This profile is rounded out by a powerful nose and tail for big takeoffs and landings. Swingers Club - Forum shaves the tip and tail of the wood core to save weight without taking away from durability. The board spins faster and floats with less effort when the snow beckons. Buttercup - Providing a loose, catch-free ride, Buttercup lifts the contact points in the nose and tail off the snow, creating a mellow hull effect. Perfect for lapping a park, buttering the mountain and riding pow when some deep freshies come into play. Gnar Core - This member of ForumÂ’s Gnar family is made entirely of high-grade aspen. The lightweight, vertical wood laminates reduce overall board weight while still providing a responsive ride. Grainbelt technology adds critical strength under the bindings. Booter Boosters - Carbon strands are placed strategically from under your foot to the nose and tail to provide a direct response with better energy return and more boost for takeoffs and flat ollies. Biax Fiberglass Construction- Biax is constructed with strands that crisscross at 90 degree angles, making the board smooth, forgiving and fun to ride. FreeBase - Get high on this smokinÂ’ base. The slick material waxes easy for speed, emphasizes die-cut graphics, and protects the core from getting worked on run-outs through the parking lot.

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Product Title: Forum 2012 Forum Men's Deck 157cm Snowboard

Manufacturer: Forum

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