Flow Snowboards Men's Verve Twin Tip Snowboard '11

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The 2011 Flow Verve is a true twin freestyle board for any park-specific shred.The TruTwin has equidistant amounts of nose and tail allowing the rider equal opportunity to ride their natural direction or switch it up and go fakie.EZ Rock shape has a super mellow camber with a slight convex base for super easy turning combine with a mellow reverse camber between the feet and a soft nose and tail gives you a nice poppy flex with a soft feel.With its Tru Flex core you will get excellent all around response and with the EZ Transitional Sidecut technology you get a mellow radius between the feet at at the tips of your board for more forgiving ride when things get a bit bumpy, and a tight radius blended in for quick, snappy, powerful carving.

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Age: Adult

Gender: Man


Product Title: Flow Snowboards Men's Verve Twin Tip Snowboard '11

Manufacturer: Flow Snowboards

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