K2 2013 K2 50th Anniversary Recoil Skis

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Brand: K2. Product Style: 2013 K2 50th Anniversary Recoil Flat Skis. K2 has released for a limited time a K2 Recoil with a familiar graphic to celebrate their 50th anniversary. The Recoil from K2 is a perfect ski for the young adult, or teen that likes to rip the groomers, spend some time in the trees and powder, and make heads turn in the park and pipe. ABSorb sidewalls are a horizontal sidewall construction that smashes a layer of urethane in between the ABS for shock ABSorbtion, lessening the impact of hard landings. Urethane is also used underfoot to maximize the dampening, but the ABS is used toward the tip and tail to increase edge control. 90mm underfoot and K2's All Terrain Rocker keep the ski floating in the powder, and quicker turning on the groomers. The Triaxial Braided Fir/Aspen wood core has plenty of torsional rigidity to handle the crud and chop, and still be nimble and easy turning for speeding down the hard pack. The Bi-Directional taper can be easily skied switch toward a humongous kicker and boosting as high as you can get. Tip and tail hardware increase durability and reduce the chances of splitting open the ski. The K2 Recoil can be taken any where with ease and make a perfect ski for the guy who will do it all groomers, park, powder, and side country.      


Product Title: K2 2013 K2 50th Anniversary Recoil Skis

Manufacturer: K2

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