Salomon Men's Impact 120 CS Ski Boots '12

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The Salomon Men's Impact 120 CS Ski Boots are a High performance all-mountain boot for skiers who refuse to sacrifice comfort or performance. Updated with new stance position.Inspired by racing, the Salomon Custom Shell is all about performance. It is about precision and the feel of the terrain. As important as power, the key to precision is in the metas. If the shell is too wide you lose precision, if it is too narrow, it is too painful to feel the terrain. A Custom Shell is at your exact foot shape, molded for precision Salomon developed Kaprolene to allow the molding of the boot around the foot for ultimate comfort and ultimate performance. Designed to transfer the maximum power from the skier to the ski, the Impact 120 CS is built on a powerful version of Salomon's World Cup Advanced Shell technology. Improving on the back support, body positioning, and torsion control - the Bi-injected Polyurethane upper and lower shell offers consistent density enabling effortless progress on-snow with well adapted stiffness that is also durable, dynamic, and abrasion resistant. A reinforced rear, lateral insert allows the use of a softer front cuff for improved leg wrapping and progressive flex. The combination of a wide Sensifit 2D material in the forefoot area and cuff allows for comfortable wrapping and hands free step-in.On the inside, the My Custom Fit Pro Liner uses three layers of thermoformable foam on the ankle, heel, meta, tongue & sole for perfect comfort and transmission.


Product Title: Salomon Men's Impact 120 CS Ski Boots '12

Manufacturer: Salomon