LOADED CARVING Loaded Dervish Longboard Skateboard P58342

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The Loaded Dervish Longboard's low center of gravity lets you ride downhill with more stability than your average cruiser. Loaded gave the Dervish a drop-through mounting and stiffer flex so that you can ride at slightly faster speeds without losing control. The nose and tail are flat for manuals and shovits and the construction features tri-axle fiberglass for tons of lively response. Specs: Length: 41.5 Width: 8.5 Construction: Vertically laminated bamboo and tri-axle glassSetup: Assorted trucks and assorted orangutan wheels includedFlex 1: 170-230 lbsFlex 2: 100-185 lbsFeatures: Lower drop-through mounting for easier pushing180mm inverted trucks for increased turning radiusLower center of gravity for more stability downhillBlend of concave and convex cambers for lively feelDurable epoxy glueFlat tail and noseGummy orangutan wheelsDesigned to prevent wheel biteCustom Nana Studio fish graphic


Product Title: LOADED CARVING Loaded Dervish Longboard Skateboard P58342

Manufacturer: LOADED CARVING

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