Dive Caddy Gen 2

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THERE IS A NEW VERSION OF THIS BAG COMING OUT IN DECEMBER.  ANY ORDERS MADE WILL BE FULFILLED WITH THE NEW AND IMPROVED DIVE CADDY WHEN IT COMES IN STOCK.  IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE CALL THE SHOP AT 815-267-8400.  THE MANUFACTURER IS OUT OF THIS BAG UNTIL THE NEW MODEL COMES OUT.   This is one SWEET bag!!!  All your stuff fits into one easy to travel with bag!  Check the below videos! Much of the need for the typical old duffel or suitcase style bags was to accommodate bulky difficult to pack dive gear. Dive Caddy designed the Travel Bag to efficiently protect and compress your gear. We also utilize the gear you put in the bag & replace the typical bag stiffeners and padding. Basically we’ve eliminated what you don’t need and traded for space you do. The Bag System comes with the Travel Bag Fin Caddy Turtle Pack and Spider Bag. This bag system will fit: Mask Fins Snorkel BCD Regulator Boots Gloves 5mm Full WetSuit - Misc Small Dive Insundries - 2nd Dive Computer - 3 T-Shirts - 3 Pairs of Shorts -1 Swim Suit 1 Pair of Jeans - Large Beach Towel - Small Flashlight 1 XL Sweatshirt - 4 Pair Of Socks - 4 Pair of Mens Underwear - Hanging Men’s Bath Bag - Heavy Sandals - Passport - Playing Cards - Book - Tylenol - iPOD Journal - North Face Fleece Coat - Small Digital Camera.


Product Title: Dive Caddy Gen 2