Mares Sten Minimini Pneumatic Spear Gun - 42cm/16.5"

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Mares Sten Pneumatic Spear Gun The first Mares Sten was created in 1967. The Sten has since become the best dive buddy of countless spearfishermen around the world, who appreciate its precision, power, and reliability. In addition to sharing many features with the Sten 11, this model uses a two-piece head and 8-mm diameter shaft with threaded tip. There is a connecting piston between the trigger and the 1.5-mm release cog for incredibly high sensitivity. Available in 42, 58 and 70-cm sizes without power adjusting system, and 58, 70, 84 and 100-cm with power adjusting system.

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Product Title: Mares Sten Minimini Pneumatic Spear Gun - 42cm/16.5"

Manufacturer: Mares

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