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Strengths: VERY FAST- the fastest one i have ever ridden... i've passed cars on a 30 mph speed limit st. (i'm only 180lbs) this is not a "noob" scooter i would suggest practicing first on a weaker one...

Weakness: no electric start, headlight or turn signals (who cares, anyway) its pretty heavy but it folds and that helps. the muffler is loud u might want to switch it with a quieter one for the neighbors' sake

This scooter isn't the feature filled, frilly wimp job with plastic trim and plastic grips. This scooter is powerful and inexpensive. it will leave your friends cowering in the corners with their "top quality" gold plated wimp-job scooters. this scooter is durable- curbs are not an obstacle, going up or down. the shocks are awesome, off or on road. ive even taken it through 10in deep snow before.

By Spinmaster91 - Aug 1, 2005

Xtreme XG-499 Gas Scooter

Strengths: Very Fast! Very inexpensive!!Looks

Weakness: Owner's Manual, excessive engine vibration, braking.

UPDATED 5/6/08

The Xtreme XG-499 is an overall fairly good scooter. It is very fast, and it was very inexpensive. Several problems occurred, but were resolved. Over the past year, it had a pull start break, and a crack in the frame had developed.
For the broken starter, I contacted the manufacturer via creating a customer service ticket on their website. I was called by a staff member there. After emailing a digital picture of the starter using the service ticket webpage, I was mailed an improved version of the starter to put on the scooter. (all for free!) To fix the crack in the frame, we screwed a flat metal strip to brace the solid metal on both sides of the crack. The scooter rode fine after that, until the chain started falling off. This could be a chain/age problem, or because the wheel is at a slightly odd angle. VERDICT: Over all, I would recommend the scooter to people looking for a highly inexpensive scooter, knowing that it will not last forever.
NOTES:Scooter needs minimum 90 octane gasoline with 2-stroke oil mixed in. ( I used a 32:1 ratio)
The choke lever on mine was labeled upside down.
Check for loose screws often;the engine vibrations undid several of my pull start screws.

By TrumpeteerX - Nov 22, 2007

Great scooter

Strengths: This scooter is very durable. It is also very very strong. I go up to the off raod tracks with my sister and they have trubble going up paths, but i just zoom up the mountain.

Weakness: This scooter is very great but almost 50 pounds. It stinks when you have to carry it in malls and stores, because it's very heavy. But that's what it takes to be a durable scooter.

This scooter is great for adults. Maybe experienced kids that rode motorized scooters before. This is because this scooter is very powerful and has a lot of torque. This scooter can reach speeds up to 43mph with me on it, I'm 186pounds. This is by far the best scooter I've ever had plus it is chain driven so easy to burnout or do doughnuts, unlike spindle driven. Thanks for reading my review and have fun scootering!

By anonymous; - Jul 8, 2005

xg-499 gas scooter, GREAT PRODUCT!

Strengths: fast,reliable,qualtity,light,and quiet.

Weakness: Vibration

If you are looking for a quality gas scooter that is very quick and has good looks the the xg-499 is PERFECT for you. The all chrome body makes it look awesome. The best thing about this scooter though is the engine. The engine is quality. It is quiet due to the muffler on the back. I would HIGHLY reccomend this product to anybody from the ages 10-35. Also if you are debating to get this or the xg-505 DEFINTLEY get the xg-499. It has better top speed (websites will tell you otherwise), better accelaration, MUCH better quality, more gas mileage, more upgrades, chheeper price, and most importantly MUCH LESS MAINTENEANce.

By anonymous; - May 25, 2008