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The Cyco-Cycle combines an entertaining, fun ride with adventure and creativity. The Cyco Hands-Free Cycle is built on three wheels, allowing the rider to experiment with a wide array of exhilarating stunts. It comes in a bright yellow shade that contrasts well with the black BMX-style pneumatic tires. Equipped with an adjustable unicycle seat, the direct drive bicycle is fun to ride and easy to handle. You can use the seat to control the direction of the front wheel and this enhances the scope for fun. Armed with a multi-tread design, the rear tires grip the surface at an angle ensuring unfaltering traction across most surfaces. Clear, detailed instructions make the three-wheeled cycle easy to assemble without breaking a sweat. The folding frame body and locking quick-release latch make the Cyco-Cycle remarkably easy to transport and store. While one rider can pedal and control the tricycle, one more person can hitch a ride using the non-slip rear step bar.

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Color: Black, Multi, Yellow


Product Title: Dynacraft Cyco-Cycle 16439850

Manufacturer: Dynacraft

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