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Ultimate Survival Bug Out Kit (US-BOK)With NEW UPGRADED Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Adventure Solar Kit (19010). Charges AA and AAA batteries even faster!A lot of customers have asked us to offer Survival Gear. The first thing we did was to see what the competition was offering in their kits. We were shocked to find that all of our competitors are only offering garbage products and garbage kits. The kits contain things like White Hard Hats, Yellow Caution Tape, Individual Small Bandaids, Individually Wrapped Aspirin, etc. If you're wearing a White Hard Hat and running around with Yellow Caution Tape, guess what.....you're a target....not a survivor. If you don't have aspirin or small bandaids in your bathroom right now, guess what.....you're probably not going to survive. The kits we found lacked basic good quality gear that could help you make it out of a disaster alive.We put a lot of time and research into what other survivalists carried in THEIR Bug Out Bags. Once we had a good list of what a good Bug Out Bag should contain, we picked out the top manufacturers for those items for our custom Ultimate Survival Bug Out Kit (US-BOK). This kit WILL be extremely useful in a survival situation.The US-BOK is essentially a Bug Out Bag on steroids. It contains the good gear that you would want in a Bug Out Bag, adds in some useful extras, and puts the whole kit in a Pelican Case with a pull handle and heavy duty wheels. Here's what the kit contains:Fire Starting2 x Zippo Lighters (207)4 x Zippo Replacement Wicks6 x Zippo Replacement Flint 6 Packs4 x Zippo Lighter Fluid 12 oz Bottles10 x Magnesium Fire Starters with Flint10 x Long Life Emergency CandlesWater Purification1 x Katadyn Combi Filter System (8017763)1 x Katadyn Combi Replacement Filter (8013622)Tools1 x SOG Camp Axe with Sheath (F09)1 x SOG Seal Pup Knife with Sheath (M37N)1 x SOG PowerLock Multi-Tool with V-Cutter (S62-N)1 x Glock Entrenching Shovel with Saw2 x Accusharp Knife, Tool, and Axe Sharpeners (008)4 x Black 550 Cord 100 Yard Packs1 x Heavy Duty CompassCommunication1 x Midland FRS & GMRS Portable Radio 2 Pack (GXT1000VP4)1 x Midland FRS & GMRS & AM/FM Base Station Radio (XT511)2 x ACME Thunder Survival Whistles (AC-636B)Medical5 x Israeli Bandage Pressure Dressing 61 x Asherman Chest Seal1 x Cav Arms Tourniquet8 x Celox Clotting Agent 35 Gram Pouches1 x ICMK (Individual Combat Medical Kit) Includes - Cav Arms Tourniquet, Celox 35 Gram Pouch, Gloves, Chem-Light, 4.5 x 4.1 yards Kerlix, Israeli Bandage Pressure Dressing 4, Asherman Chest Seal, Transpore Medical Tape 1, 2.25 x 3.0 yards Kerlix, Dermacea Ab Pad (8 x 10, Sterile), Nasopharyngeal AirwayPower1 x Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Adventure Solar Kit (19010)3 x Energizer NIMH Rechargeable Battery AAA 4 Packs (12 batteries total)6 x Energizer NIMH Rechargeable Battery AA 4 Packs (24 batteries total)Lighting2 x Streamlight Sidewinder Tactical AA LED Flashlights (White, Red, IR, Blue) (14001)2 x Energizer Solar Carabiner Crank LightGun Care2 x BreakFree CLP 1 Liter Liquid Bottles with SprayerMisc1 x Pelican 1650 Case With Pull Handle and 4 Wheels1 x Winchester 365 Rechargeable Moisture RemoverHere's why we chose the products listed above:Fire StartingZippo Products - Zippo is a well known leader in fire starting. When you don't have time to rub two sticks together, having a portable lighter will prove extremely useful. The replacement items are meant to keep the lighters in service longer. Zippo lighters can even work with cologne and alcohol as fuel!Magnesium Fire Starters with Flint - Magnesium fire starters can be a useful backup for making fires in hard to light areas. Magnesium shavings burn extremely hot when ignited by the flint.Long Life Emergency Candles - Whether you need something that will start multiple fires, or act as a light source, it always pays to have a few candles around.Water PurificationKatadyn Combi Filter System and Replacement Filter - Water purification is one of the most important needs in any environment. This filter can remove harmful bacteria from up to 13,000 gallons of water. To think of that in logical terms, think about 2 gallons per day per person. The filter can be cleaned periodically with scotch pads or steel wool. The replacement filter can be used for another 13,000 gallons of water.ToolsSOG Tools - SOG makes some of the highest quality yet most affordable products on the market today. They're built to withstand the roughest conditions. These tools will give you the ability to split tinder for fires, light car repair, and cut whatever needs cutting.Glock Entrenching Shovel with Saw - This shovel is a multi-function tool. It can be used to dig holes like a traditional entrenching tool. It can be used like a hoe. There is a steel fixed blade saw inside the handle you can use to cut through wood as well.Accusharp Knife, Tool, and Axe Sharpeners - Dull knives and axes are near worthless. Traditional oil and sharpening stones eat up storage space, are messy, and time consuming to properly operate. These small compact hand sharpeners are the highest rated sharpeners in the industry. They are a very simple and compact way to sharpen your tools.Black 550 Cord 100 Yard Packs - 550 Cord can be used to tie down gear, create traps, the inner strings can be used to fish with, etc, etc.CommunicationMidland FRS & GMRS Portable Radio 2 Pack - One of the best advantages in a survival situation is the ability to communicate. FRS and GMRS radios will be plentiful in the area. These radios will allow you to communicate several miles in a woodland environment, which is all you need. They can be set to low, medium, and high power (to save battery power or boost transmission power). We chose these FRS / GRMS radios because they're top of the line.Midland FRS & GMRS & AM/FM Base Station Radio (XT511) - Another great advantage in a survival situation is the ability to get AM and FM radio reception. This unit not only receives AM and FM broadcasts, it also serves as another FRS / GRMS radio! So you get 3 radios to use for short distance communication. This radio also has hand crank backup power, which is great for when you can't stop to charge batteries. We chose this FRS / GRMS radio because it's top of the line.ACME Thunder Survival Whistle - This 100+ decibel whistle can be heard over long distances, and the pea-less design allows for use in the most extreme environments. It can be used to signal danger to a group, send signals between groups, call for help, etc.MedicalIsraeli Bandage Pressure Dressing 6 - If you get a small cut in a survival situation.....you're probably going to survive. If you get shot or have a severe bleeding injury.....you're in big big trouble. These are heavy duty military trauma bandages designed by the Israeli Army for use in heavy bleeding situations. The US Army also issues these bandages to soldiers going to Iraq and Afghanistan.Asherman Chest Seal - The Israeli Bandages work great, unless you have a sucking chest wound. A sucking chest wound is a wound that penetrates the lungs. These injuries are even more serious than the previously described injuries. In this case you need something specifically designed to do the job. The Asherman Chest Seal is specifically designed to deal with sucking chest wound injuries.Cav Arms Tourniquet - Tourniquets are a must in any survival environment. If applying an Israeli Bandage Pressure Dressing doesn't stop the flow of blood, you may need to use a tourniquet. Having a tourniquet can mean the difference between life and death.Celox Clotting Agent Pouches - These granules work similarly to QuikClot for stopping bleeding, but without the burning action. QuikClot is great, but burning a bleeding wound isn't that great for treating the injury. Why not clot the blood with Celox without burning the casualty?ICMK (Individual Combat Medical Kit


Product Title: Ultimate Survival Bug Out Kit

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