K2 Men's F.I.T. 84 BOA Inline Skates

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The K2 Men's F.I.T. 84 BOA Inline Skates are perfect for the fitness skater who wants to experience the speed of an aluminum framed skate.The F.I.T. 84 naturally comes with 84mm wheels allowing for great speeds, depending on where you are skating, or your ability. These skates have a medium frame length that is both maneuverable and stable at speed. The rigid construction gives the skater better power transfer and better feel of the terrain. K2's Softboot designs incorporate breathable, comfortable, and flexible materials that fit and function like a second skin while substantially reducing overall weight. Incorporating the BOA dialed in performance system, you can secure the proper fit with the turn of dial.

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Age: Adult

Gender: Man


Product Title: K2 Men's F.I.T. 84 BOA Inline Skates

Manufacturer: K2

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