ATN Corp. NVWSMRS4WP Night Vision Rifle Scope

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Similar to all ATN scopes, the ATN MARS features only the purest grades of heavy glass and computer aided optical designs to create multi-element, high-speed, multi-coated lenses for ultra-fast light transmission and resolution beyond current military standards. All optical lenses on the MARS scopes are individually fitted and calibrated to achieve optimum performance. The ATN MARS uses the highest quality MX10160 type hand-selected image intensifier tubes (IIT) based on the latest night vision technologies. Compact, lightweight and rugged one-piece construction is CNC milled from solid aerospace-quality aluminum billet and fitted with titanium inserts. The ATN MARS gives the weap Mfg: Atn Total Darkness IR System - Yes SMART Technology No IIT Generation CGT, HPT, 3, 3A, WPT and 4 Magnification 4x and 6x Mean Time Before Failure 10,000hrs Proshield Lens Coating Yes FOV 6 degrees and 9 degrees Range of focus 10m or 25m to infinity Diop


Product Title: ATN Corp. NVWSMRS4WP Night Vision Rifle Scope

Manufacturer: ATN

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