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Sporting Good Reviews

Most Helpful Reviews

1 Star Review 995 SEL Electric 2.75HP Foldup Treadmill


dlenzi - (November 30, 2004) After about a year it broke. The elctronics went out. It was no longer under warranty, and trying to find someone to service it was a bear. I finally got someone from Sears. For $375.00 they replaced the central controller card. In three months it was broken again, same problem. I blew over $1,300 on a product which should have lasted years. To say the least I would not recommend it. If you do buy one, get an extended service warranty.

2 Star Review 8x42 CaptureView Roof Prism Binocular with Built-in 2.0 Megapixel Digital Camera


Hotfoot - (December 13, 2003) Just an expensive toy that does not produce any acceptable photos. I am a professional photographer and a field trial judge. I have owned many digital cameras that have had a lesser - rated resolution, and yet produced better photos than does this built in camera. I would not recommend anyone plan on taking photos with this device, and plan on having anyone who was not at the event, thus adding their recollection to the photo in order to discern that the photo is of, to find any photos taken to be worthwhile.

5 Star Review ProStaff Laser440 8 x 20 Range Finder (8x 20 mm - Water Proof)


JScottE - (July 29, 2004) I bought this product after being dissapointed with the Bushnell Scout. The Nikon 440 rangefinder is a much better and lower priced product which give you the same features with better accuracy. Its optics are much brighter and clearer, plus it is smaller in size, which makes it easier to pocket. I found my unit to be spot-on at measured distances out to 40 yards - the farthest I will shoot a bow. I am very happy with this product, and I recommend it highly for those who trying to choose between it and the Bushnell.

Latest Reviews

3 Star Review Spruce Peak Pole Hubs

jsrye - (04/07/2014) Bought this tent since the size was right....put it up and had problems with the plastic pole hubs. They literally exploded apart. Contacted the company, they said they knew the hubs were defective and told me they would get me another set....three months later, they promised again....two months later they promised again. Found aluminum hubs online and replaced the plastic for another $150.00. The tent is everything I wanted, the hubs were everything I didn't want. Just saying

2 Star Review Compra

leridito - (03/31/2014) una pregunta la lampara es original y tienes envĂ­os a mexico?

5 Star Review Attractive black cover keeps the weather off of and out of the boat

DianeHansen84 - (02/03/2014) The picture shows a red cover but this one is black and very nice. The straps anchor it securely and no weather gets in. The boat looks brand new after years of use, particularly the inside. I'd definitely recommend this cover to anyone who wants to take care of their investment.

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