Arachnid CricketPro 800 Electronic Dart Board with Heckler Feature - DM012 DM012

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The Arachnid CricketPro 800 Talking Electronic Dart Board is the latest from Arachnid. Expanding on the success of the tournament quality CricketPro 750 Arachnid has delivered with the CricketPro 800. Offering 40 games on a regulation 15.5-inch target area this dart board does it all. The CricketPro 800 also boasts the same micro-thin segment dividers found in Arachnid arcade systems which dramatically reduce bounce-outs for true tournament quality play.What sets the CricketPro 800 apart from the CricketPro 750?X/O Cricket DisplayMaking Cricket scores even easier to read is the biggest advantage. The CricketPro 750 used a series of color changing LEDs to track Cricket scores while the CricketPro 800 uses the traditional / X and O Display.Heckler Option Another feature that really sets this dart board apart is the hilarious Heckler Feature. The Cheerleader offers praise for precision dart throwing and a great game; the Heckler dishes out comical sarcasm for sloppy effort. The more players you have the more everyone will be laughing. This feature can be easily turned off for serious tournament play.Dart Averaging for Games Now you can record your average dart round just like Arachnid's tournament systems. If Cricket is your game the CricketPro 800 offers seven different variations of Cricket. Once you and your friends begin playing the scores are clearly tracked by an X/O Cricket Display. They are unlit when no marks are on the board and change from / X V as sections of the board are closed.Variations of CricketQuick CricketCricketCut-Throat CricketScram CricketDouble Only CricketLow Ball Cricket Wild Card Cricket A handicapping option will level the playing field so even players at different skill levels can go head to head. Turn on the solo player feature for some serious practice time. Features include: X/O Cricket display8-player score display4-player score display shown 40 games with 179 optionsIncludes 7 Cricket GamesOptional 3-level Heckler featureDart averaging for gamesRegulation 15.5-inch target area Selectable bullseyeBounce-out amend featureSingle In/Out Double In/Out featuresMicro-thin segment dividers dramatically reduce bounce-outsNylonTough segments improve playability and DurabilityPlay On and Ranking featureSolo Play featurePlayer Handicap feature Sleep mode and reset featureTournament spider in trademarked tournament colors Scrolling display shows opening greeting game and option menu and individual dart scores during play A/C powerGames Include:Quick CricketCricketCut-Throat CricketScram CricketDouble Only CricketLow Ball CricketWild Card Cricket301-901GOTCHA!Double DownAceHigh ScoreKillerCount-UpShanghaiRound the ClockShoot-OutBermuda TriangleGolfShove a PennyBig 6FootballBowlingBaseballOverUnder301 LeagueForty-OneAll FivesNine-Dart CenturyHalve-ItBy 5's By 10's ODD'sPLEASE NOTE: The tips and shafts are not under warranty. These parts of the dart are prone to breaking during normal use and are not covered. Please take a look at our accessories section for extra tips and shafts.About DMI Sports Inc.DMI Sports Inc. is a leading manufacturer of indoor games featuring complete lines of billiards darts and table tennis equipment. DMI began in 1976 as a manufacturer of professional quality dart equipment and was a dominant force in this market. Today the company continues to grow. DMI has made three important acquisitions: the Pro Classic Brand of billiards equipment in 1995 the Minnesota Fats and Hustler Trademarks in 1997 and the Arachnid Dart board Company consumer division in 1999. These acquisitions coupled with key product launches such as the Nodor steel-tip dart and dart board line announced in 2000 and the Prince table tennis launch in 1997 have continued to fuel growth. In 2002 DMI itself and through its acquisitions reached the milestones of having sold more than 4 million sets of darts 2 million dart boards and 2 million pool cues. DMI prides itself on having so many satisfied customers over such a long period of time.


Product Title: Arachnid CricketPro 800 Electronic Dart Board with Heckler Feature - DM012 DM012

Manufacturer: Arachnid

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