Fitness Quest Pilates Power Gym

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Pilates Power Gym brings Pilates moves out of the expensive studio and into your living room.


Product Title: Fitness Quest Pilates Power Gym

Manufacturer: Fitness Quest

Power Score: 1.0 | 1 Review

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Size IS an issue!

Strengths: Workouts were surprisingly challenging (but read below)

Weakness: The nmachine is simply too small.

This seemed the answer to our problem. An effective compact work out machine. However as I did both workouts I found that the "compactness" was a major problem. I could complete some but not all of the exercises because I "hit" the hard stop on the machine (nowhere left for it to slide). I was very disappointed. I was nowhere near full extension. I spent time seeing if I could sit differently to...
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By anonymous; - Apr 8, 2008

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