Fox Racing Fire Fox FF-P - Paintball Edition Throat Mic


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The Paintball Edition Throat Mic keeps out all background noises and allow you to whisper to your companions even while firing your marker - they will hear only your voice. You can coordinate the advance on your target or talk with your team in the middle of a fire-fight. For the scenario player the throat mic can facilitate the strategy and movement of team members allowing you to know who is under fire and who has been hit. You will be able to hear no matter what situation you find yourself in. See ear hook accessories. The Fire Fox is great for friends getting together for a pickup match. With the radio on your harness or jersey team members can keep in touch and coordinate the attack. It just makes the game more fun. The Fire Fox Paintball Edition comes standard with a 5 foot remote PTT - Push-To-Talk - button which may be worn on your finger placed on your marker or wherever you want.


Product Title: Fox Racing Fire Fox FF-P - Paintball Edition Throat Mic

Manufacturer: Fox Racing

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