Save Phace TCDR Helmet - Passive Shade 10

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Save Phace(tm) TCDR (These Colors Don't Run) Welding Helmet - Passive Shade 10 The revolutionary Save Phace(tm) These Colors Don't Run EFP (Extreme Face Protector) is a Welding Helmet, Grinding Mask and Splash Guard all in one! It is the ONLY welding helmet in the world with a 180 degree lens design, offering you perfect peripheral vision. Nine Point Halo HIGH quality Headgear allows you to move the EFP closer or farther away from your face giving you maximum vision and air flow options! If you want to use it as a grinding mask or splash guard, simply replace the other lens with a Clear lens (not included) and off you go. Need to do some plasma cutting or gas welding? No problem, simply change out your welding lens with a (not included) shade 3 or shade 5 passive lens. Features 180 degree shade #10 passive lens 9 Point High Quality Adjustable Halo Headgear w/replaceable sweat


Product Title: Save Phace TCDR Helmet - Passive Shade 10

Manufacturer: Save Phace

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