Lob-ster Elite Grand V Limited Edition Tennis Ball Machine

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LOB1006: Features: -Unparalleled on any tennis ball machine anywhere in the world.-Can customize your own drills and program to an incredible 18 shot locations.-Ergonomic folding handle.-Variations of shots are infinite.-Imagine customizing the shot location, the feed rate, and the spin for each shot and then saving that into your personalized drill.-Comes standard with a fast charger.-Enjoy instantaneous changes in functionality like; play/pause, oscillation sweep, fully random, 3-line, speed, feed, spin, and much more.-Offers cutting edge technology allows you to program shot locations, speed, spin, and feed rate, too.-Programmable Feed: Now, the uers can choose to vary the feed rate from shot to shot. Ball one can be programmed at 3 seconds, ball two at 2 seconds, and ball three at 4 seconds, etc.-Create personalized drills capable of simulating true match play.-Can transform the weak points of their game into areas of complete domination.-Fully random technological advancement allows for the Grand V to realistically simulate true match play, a feature that is unsurpassed by any portable tennis ball machine.-Incredible drills mix up speed, trajectory, and spin to prepare you to play against the world's elite.-With the press of a button, you can now practice against the playing style of your choice.-With three pre-programmed six shot drills that simulate the most popular styles of play: grinder, all courter, power baseliner, approach, attack / defend, and forehand plus.-


Product Title: Lob-ster Elite Grand V Limited Edition Tennis Ball Machine

Manufacturer: Lob-ster

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