Thunder Trucks Polished Hi Trucks - Black

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Pro Strike Hi Trucks by Thunder. Sizes: 145 Axle 7.65, 147 Axle 8. Set of 2 Trucks. Imported.


Product Title: Thunder Trucks Polished Hi Trucks - Black

Manufacturer: Thunder Trucks

Power Score: 4.7 | 35 Reviews

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Great trucks as all thunder trucks are. They've lasted me a super long time and grind great. Really durable and nice graphics, Love thunder!

By Jeddy on CCS - Nov 6, 2013


turn easy, durable, great quality

By chiefs1 on CCS - Nov 3, 2013

thunder knows control

these trucks are probably as close to perfect as you can make. they grind like butter and respond so quickly. the stock bushings are nice too, pretty soft though. i got the 147 his and they're LIGHT for an 8" truck. these other reviewers are either 12 years old or super weak because these are by far the lightest 8" standard truck i've owned. if you're even remotely considering thunders buy them!...
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By cl5150 on CCS - Oct 31, 2013

I like these trucks.

These were some of my favorite trucks I skated. They turn well and feel great!

By abcdefg93 on CCS - Oct 13, 2013

Love these trucks!

They were a bit on the heavier side, but well worth the baggage. The grind like butter, so durable. Great responsiveness, and and turning radius. Only problem is i felt like they needed to be a bit wider, i had to run them a little bit tighter that what i was used to.

By AdamSpacely on CCS - Sep 26, 2013

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