UMAREX USA, INC. USA Blank, Walther P22 S 9mm PAK Blk

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This Walther P22S blank firing gun is a pistol just like the real firearm, except that it can not fire live rounds, it fires blank cartridges. The P22S blank firing pistol is a double- or single-action semi-automatic pistol that functions in every way as the P22S firearm. The P22S fires 9 mm PAK blank cartridges. The magazine accepts 15-rounds and the slide cycles and casings eject just like the P22S pistol. The barrel is permanently plugged and the hot gases from a fired cartridge escape out of a vent in the top of the pistol. The P22S by Walther is great pistol to use in practice for holstering and firing or as a dog training gun or collector gun. It can also be used in theatrics and is a great way for new shooters to get accustomed to gun handling and the sound of firing ammunition. Caliber Action Ammo Capacity Total Length Weight 9mm PAK Double/Single Blanks 7-Shot 6.1 1 lbs


Product Title: UMAREX USA, INC. USA Blank, Walther P22 S 9mm PAK Blk

Manufacturer: UMAREX USA, INC.

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