Mavic Yksion Griplink Tire - Clincher Black, One Size

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Mavic created their Yksion Griplink Tire to work specifically for the front of your bike. What distinguishes it as a front tire is the dual tread compound designed for supreme traction when you lay your bike into a sweeping high speed corner. In this regard, we think about the twitchy, sometimes downright manic stage finishes that Team Garmin/Cervelo riders negotiate as they set their sprint train in motion for Tyler Farrar, and we're often in awe. Those guys will be on Mavic tires and wheels this year, and we're certain that what's good for a Protour outfit is more than fine for us mere mortals. The Yksion Griplink Tire is the perfect complement to Mavic's Exalith treated clincher rims as the black sidewalls match the color of the braking track for a stealthy appearance. And that the Mavic SSC logo is also identically matched to the wheel isn't lost on us either. The smooth black sidewall is more than just window dressing. The tread rubber is thickest, of course, in the center where it experiences the most wear, and thins progressively towards the bead. The result is a sidewall that resists cuts on gravel strewn roads as well as looks good. Mavic also includes a nylon breaker underneath the tread to add to the puncture protection. Even with these safeguards, the Yksion Griplink is a lightweight clincher tire. And true to its name, it corners like crazy thanks to Mavic's dual compound design that places rubber with a 60a durometer in the high mileage center portion of the tread and a grippier 60a S+ high silica rubber on the shoulders. The 60a center is even softer than their Powerlink rear tire counterpart, but with the typical rear heavy weight bias on road bikes, the softer tread is more than durable enough to wear evenly with the rear tire while yielding far better grip through corners. The 127tpi casing is supple and responsive. After all, what good would sticky rubber be to a brick-stiff tire. The Mavic Yksion Griplink Tire is available in Black or White an...

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Color: Black, White

Part Type: Tires


Product Title: Mavic Yksion Griplink Tire - Clincher Black, One Size

Manufacturer: Mavic

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