Marc Mesh MARC MESH 15mm Player WHITE Lacrosse Stringing Kit

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15mm diamond size - still the standard 10 diamonds across as the traditional player mesh pieces. Pre-packaged Marc Mesh stringing kits include: One Piece of Mesh Five 28 White Shooting Strings Eight Feet of White Sidewall String No longer are we going to hear tales of this so-called perfect combination of hard and soft mesh. This is the mesh that even has die hard traditional Lacrosse players switching.Marc Leveille has formulated a unique chemistry known as Mesh Butter. It begins as a wax base solution that is mixed, cooked, churned, and then set until a butter-like substance is formed. It is then spread from corner to corner over a top quality 6.6 nylon 100% American made mesh.The primary reason that people choose the Marc Mesh is for its superior performance and dependability. Marc Mesh is ready to go today, tomorrow and the big game; rain or shine.The biggest difference between Marc Mesh and the regular urethane coated hard mesh is this: urethane is meant to coat ropes with a thin, non-porous layer that keeps water out. It is designed not to break down. When it finally does, little cracks form in the shell defeating the urethane's original purpose of weatherproofing the mesh. Mesh Butter on the other hand quickly breaks into tiny fragments that allow the mesh to quickly form a pocket. Rather than coating the outside, Mesh Butter is applied right into the fibers of the Nylon; hence water has no place to go.Key Features:Mesh Butter has a quick break in time (1 hour or less)Mesh Butter gives the mesh a unique memory that customizes the mesh to your very own signature catching and throwing styleMesh Butter increases a mesh's typical lifespanMesh Butter grips the ball providing added friction giving you a capability to spin the ball when taking a ripMesh butter makes mesh 4x more resistant to water. The key is preventing bag-out.Mimics a traditional pocket better than any other mesh


Product Title: Marc Mesh MARC MESH 15mm Player WHITE Lacrosse Stringing Kit

Manufacturer: Marc Mesh

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