Hi-Lite Garrity Life Lite Disposable Flashlight

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LL10 For the long lasting economical flashlight, choose Life Lite! Life Lite lasts 2 1/2 times longer than a 2D Cell Refillable Flashlight, and projects a high intensity beam over 100 yards! This flashlight includes 3 heavy duty batteries sealed inside that provide up to 7 hours of light! Rugged, shock proof casing protects the flashlight and glow-in-the-dark switch adds to the flashlight's convenience! Never have to worry about batteries or bulbs again with the disposable Life Lite flashlight! This disposable flashlight is superior to ordinary flashlights in every quality category: Convenient - never replace a battery or bulb Economical - costs less and lasts longer than ordinary flashlights Fits easily in purses, glove compartments, nightstands, etc. 1 year guarantee Life Lite is used every day by firefighters nationwide. With Life Lite strapped to their helmets, they have safety back up under the most demanding conditions. Designed for hands-free or in-hand use, the Life Lite offers a heavy-duty power pack and affordable price. It is the world's largest selling disposable flashlight! (flashlight housing color(s) may vary)


Product Title: Hi-Lite Garrity Life Lite Disposable Flashlight

Manufacturer: Hi-Lite

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