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Excellent quality, easy to install

I have used the PermaFloat system now on two dock projects. They are very easy to use, mounting under the wooden structure is simple with multiple bolt locations available. They are maintenance free and very durable. All this in a very economical choice as well.

By Tommie on Home Depot - Feb 2, 2013

Free shipping

I searched for this product for several weeks on and off on the internet. There are several places out there that carry this product however they all want to charge an enourmous amount for shipping. Haven't used the product yet but it was exactly what I was looking for and even through Home depot's price was slighty higher, shipping was free and that more than made up for the slightly higher price by the time you figured shipping.

By Chad on Home Depot - Dec 5, 2012

Great deal but stay with the larger sizes.

My cabin dock is on US Forest property. We are only allowed to have floating docks. My dock was built with styro log floats which means that the wood framework continues underwater to create a cage for the floats. In 2000 I did a dock repair with one of the roto-molded dock floats. Twelve years later the top of the float is dusty. The styro log floats in the rest of the dock are in pretty pitiful condition. These roto-molded dock floats are the way to go. Since I'm nowhere near any vendors for the floats, total price was much cheaper at Home Really a great deal. I ordered four of these 4x4' (12" deep) floats and two of these 2'x4'. The manufacturer shipped the four 4x4' floats by truck, but shipped both of the 2'x4' floats UPS. They just had a label stuck on them. Not surprisingly, there were gouges in the edges of the 2'x4' floats at the bottom. The 4x4 floats arrived in excellent condition. I really expected all the floats to be shipped together. So, my suggestion is to try design your dock so as to use larger floats such as these 4x4x12s as much as possible. Try to avoid the smaller floats that can be shipped by UPS.

By calendarboy on Home Depot - Oct 24, 2012

Very sturdy and substantial dock floats

We purchased smaller of this type dock floats last year for our dock ramp and we were so impressed, that this year, decided to work on the main dock and purchased this larger size. This product is great and easy to work with. We have recommend this product for others and being shipped right to your door, gives them extra value for your money. Thank you Home Depot for carrying these dock floats.

By Rocky on Home Depot - Apr 10, 2012

Great Product

Very stout, easy to bolt up. Did an 8X20 float and used 6 of them. Rides plenty high. Could have used 4 of these and two 24x48 floats no problem.

By Mike on Home Depot - Aug 25, 2011

Could not ask for better

Ordering, delivery and installation in the pond was all without event and excellent. Keep up the great work Home Depot. A great little floating dock for a great price.

By BecsFL on Home Depot - Aug 6, 2011

float great buy

the float is made by a major manufacture, of good quality. the free delivery was fast.

By mpete on Home Depot - Aug 6, 2011

Goose Nests

Purchased three float drums to build floating geese nests for my lake. After I had completed the first one and anchored it, the geese nested before I could finish the next two. Wonderful product, thank you Home Depot. . . .

By gooselover on Home Depot - May 4, 2011