InStep Pathfinder trail-a-bike - Silver

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The InSTEP Pathfinder trailer-bike is a simple, easy-to-install trailer cycle that folds for compact storage. Recommended for kids ages 4 through 9 years of age, its design supports children up to a maximum of 70 lbs. The Pathfinder is a great first step in teaching your child how to ride a bike; with the Pathfinder, there are no clumsy training wheels, and your child will never have to struggle to keep up. This is great for avid cycling families, since you can spend more time together on the bike trails without taking extra breaks and making extra stops. Your child can enjoy pedaling at his or her own pace, and can take a rest if little legs get tired. Comparatively, the InSTEP Pathfinder offers decent quality at a price that's significantly lower than the Chariot Catch'em trail-a-bike. Remember to practice good safety habits with the Pathfinder, just as you would with any other bike. Make sure your child always wears an approved safety helmet.


Product Title: InStep Pathfinder trail-a-bike - Silver

Manufacturer: InStep

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