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Enhance your baseball skills easily with the Rod Carew Baseball Gap Hitter. This baseball training equipment developed by Hall of Famer Rod Carew helps in eye-hand coordination. The hitter snaps together in no time and is placed behind home plate. The ball can be secured to the ball attachment with the help of a velcro-like material. This is then attached to the tether connected to a pendulum that hangs from the Rod Carew Baseball hitter. The ball is then suspended so it hangs over the home plate. A person needs to pull the ball back and release it so that it moves towards the pitcher. The baseball gap hitter with tether is considered to be better and can be used by leagues, teams and by individuals also. The set includes baseballs, ball attachments, pendulum with tether and instructions. They are all lightweight and come in a carrying bag that makes it easy to carry it.


Product Title: Rod Carew Baseball Gap Hitter 15730106

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