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Junk Trail Camera

Strengths: Easy to progam

Weakness: Stopped working in only 3 motnhs...Cant get customer service to respond

I bought/put this camera to use in September 2009 and it started having problems 6 weeks later. In December 2009 it finally quit altogether. If I put fresh batteries in it it will power on for a second and shuts down. Ive tried contacted customer service that claims 24 hour response time but haven't heard anything. I filled out the warranty info for this camera right after purchase but that doesnt help if you cant get customer service to respond. STAY CLEAR OF THIS GAME CAM!

By Varmicon_qa - Jan 25, 2010

Remington Ghost 5.0 MegaPixel

Strengths: Gets Lots of Good Pictures of Nothing, I guess the grass or leaves blowing in the wind?

Weakness: Cold Weather, Humidity, Dew, Rain, Light, Dark, Drains Batteries Fast, especially in Cold Weather

Purchased in Dec 2009, worked pretty good at first, got lots of good day and night pics, but color pics are barely discernable from black-and-white. Batteries lasted a long time at first, but started running the batteries down pretty fast after a few months. Started getting lots of completelly white-washed pics and completely black pics after a while. Any amount of moisture on the outside of the lens cover completely washes out the pictures. Seems to change dates and times at random, so when the time of day gets out-of-sinc, the flash doesn't work properly. After about 11 months, neither the incandecent flash, nor the LED array work any longer, so I can not get any pictures at night. Camera seems to take pictures of the wind blowing, grass, leaves, dust, invisible things, snaps lots of pictures of nothing, sometimes 200-
300 or more. I would give it maybe 3-stars at first, but maybe 1-star or Zero-Star after 11 months, its overall quality just got worse over time. It is pretty much useless now after one year. Have waited. 24-hour Cust Service never responded after 5-days.

By UncleWillie - Jan 2, 2011

Ghost pics

Strengths: None

Weakness: Everything, this camera is a peice of junk

This camera works fine as long as conditions are completely dry. The slighest amount of dew on the lens during night time produces a pic that cannot be worse. Completely washed out, had several pics completely black, flash did not go off. Dont buy this trail camera, it sucks! Thank God Walmart takes returns, this one is going back fast!!

By Shoes5834 - Aug 4, 2008


Strengths: Set on IR

Weakness: a Lot of black pictures.

Found wind and fog to cause a lot of empty pictures.Inturnal camera full would not all seting up until cleared,cleared the internal camera still not able to reset. Tried calling customer service and put on hold for an hour .then they hung up without answering me

By anonymous; - Nov 8, 2011

Don't Buy!!

Strengths: None

Weakness: Goes to infared mode on a clock instead of photo cell. Get black and white pics sometimes when it's still light outside. Hard to open without triggering several more pics. Hard to mount to tree.

It seemed that most of my pics were black and white and very low quality. This is due to the camera is set to go into infared mode by time of day instead of photo cell. Claims to have a lot of bells and whistles, but not user friendly. I wouldn't recommend anyone to purchase this camera

By anonymous; - Aug 31, 2010

ghost customer service too!

Strengths: looks impressive, ad sounds impressive,decent price

Weakness: pictures are washed out, rare to get a good color picture, all elements must be perfect for it to work!

I purchased this camera because of the remington name, it does not live up! the camera has had issues from the first use,pictures washed out, little or no color,tried both flash settings,moved locations, no help, then quit completely,installed new alkaline batteries wont power up at all, e-mailed customer service twice they say 24 hour response...i am still waiting days later. buddy had the same camera had same type failure 1 week old. would not recommend this camera to anyone wanting to actually take game pictures. very disappointed in this product & it's support.

By racer88a - Dec 29, 2009

Remington Ghost 5.0

Strengths: Takes Good Pictures, Easy to work, Good Mounting Device

Weakness: Pictures are in Black and White

I bought this camera for Sixty Bucks and put it out last weekend. I took a few sample pics and everything came out great. The pictures are in black and white but very clear. The camera is easy to work and when you want to check your pics just pull the card out and slide it in your comp. Its that easy.

I will know exactly how good this camera is in about 2 weeks. Battery Life, Weather all that could be a factor but as for now its been a great investment.

By anonymous; - Nov 30, 2009

ghost trail camera

Strengths: durability, battery life

Weakness: you get what you pay for

Pic quality is ok. If you want better you have spend more money. This camera is a decent buy. Quality vs price I think you get your money's worth.

By anonymous; - Nov 22, 2009

Ghost camera doesn't work at all

Strengths: It set up nice. I like the laser and the features

Weakness: DOESN"T DO ANYTHING!!! i bought two because i thought they were good and they suck.

It really pisses me off to think of all the money i wasted!!Don't know what to do with them now. To late to return and the company probably won't take them back

By anonymous; - Nov 9, 2009


Strengths: None

Weakness: Mine gets moisture in it constantly, screen blacks out a lot, pics come out blacked out.

This camera sux bad. Don't buy this ever unless you need a doorstop. Not only does this camera have many bad qualities, but when you send it back for a fault of theirs, they charge you for the repairs. Water got in mine due to a faulty seal around the door causing the circuit board to go out and they bill me for a new one. Board and seal! From 1 year of ownership, I've gotten about 40 pictures that were clear and visible enough to see. I use 4 D batteries every 3 days its in the woods also. Its expensive to use this camera. One word to those looking for a camera "CUDDYBACK"!

By anonymous; - Nov 2, 2009


Strengths: 5mp

Weakness: Flash, date/time stamp, ir flash

Piece of junk. Don't waste your money. When it does take a picture in daylight, the quality is good. But the flash has never worked right even when it was new out of the box. I have sent it back once for the date/time stamp not working. That has since been fixed but the flash does not work at night. The ir flash is a total waste of time.

By anonymous; - Oct 27, 2009

Remington Ghost Flash/Infrared Digital Game Camera

Strengths: I like the price. It has taken pics that work fine for my area. Kentucky.

Weakness: The new models are much more in price but well worth it.

I have had mine for about two years and it is still working good. I did not open it when it's raining. The weather seal it still good. The day and night shots are still good.

By anonymous; - Oct 14, 2009

Ghost camera by remington

Strengths: Great price,easy setup,flash or infrared

Weakness: some black pics or hazy pics

I think for the money you can not beat this camera.It does as well as one of my more costley cameras and it carries a desent warrenty.It time stamps,temps,and location what more info do you need?

By anonymous; - Oct 8, 2009

Yes it sucks!

Strengths: None

Weakness: Everything

I have had it out ten times. Each time I get only black photos at night regardless of incadenscent or LED.

It is terrible and I can't find the rec. to return it. My bad!

By anonymous; - Dec 3, 2008