Cold Steel Urban Dart

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The Urban Dart is our rendition of a similar knife the late Bob Engnath designed over twenty years ago. With elegantly simple lines and an economy of purpose, the Urban Dart is reminiscent of our Spike series but with a few differences. The blade represents a huge advance for Cold Steel in knife making technology. We have spent literally years trying to find a way to satisfactorily manufacture this type of blade. Ultimately our factory in Japan developed a method to drop forge successfully the triangular cross section this knife required. With the addition of precision hollow grinding, superlative polishing, and highly skilled hand sharpening, we were able to produce at last this lethally wicked blade. The simple teardrop shaped Kraton handle is small and thin. It gives extra traction to the fingers and protects the palm when the knife is used like a push knife or when using palm reinforced grip styles. The Urban Dart comes with a Secure-Ex sheath and steel bead lanyard chain so it can be easily worn as a neck knife or be tucked, taped or lashed just about anywhere. Blade: 5 3/4 Overall: 8 Thick: 7.5mm Weight: 3.3oz Steel: AUS 8A Stainless Kraton handle


Product Title: Cold Steel Urban Dart

Manufacturer: Cold Steel

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