Ultimate Body Press Exercise Sandbag

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The Exercise Sandbag by Ultimate Body Press is a fat-burning, strength-building powerhouse. Whether your fitness goals include building muscle, losing weight, or improving your speed and agility, the Sandbag from Ultimate Body Press will help you reach them faster. The Large Sandbag holds between 30 - 85 lbs and is suitable for intermediate to advance strength building exercises or advance power drills. The Exercise Sandbag has a heavy-duty, multi-handle outer shell and four filler bags, two small and two large. This means you can fine tune the weight of the sandbag so that it is just right for you. Each filler bag also has a double velcro closure to ensure the sand stays in the bag. Working out with a sandbag is incredibly effective because the shifting nature on the sand inside the bag recruits more muscles while you exercise. The Exercise Sandbag from Ultimate Body Press allows you to build functional strength that you can use every day.


Product Title: Ultimate Body Press Exercise Sandbag

Manufacturer: Ultimate Body Press

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