TECHROD TR-2 with Bow Rods that Flex Home Gym INCLUDED!

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The TECHROD TR-2 strength trainer is a resistance trainer offering over 25 gym quality exercises. The TR-2 uses high-tech resistance Power Rods that generate resistance in increments from 5-30 lbs. Power Rods can deliver up to 100 lbs. of strength training resistance per side. The TR-2 is a complete home gym solution for anyone wanting a compact no nonsense solution to keeping fit and strong.


Product Title: TECHROD TR-2 with Bow Rods that Flex Home Gym INCLUDED!

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need some information on the techrod-2

Strengths: looks like a great product. I am a lady and I do not like the bulky weights.

Weakness: did not come with instructions

I just purchased this product but it did not come with any exercises. or how to even use it does anyone have anything that they can email or even send pictures. thanks my email address is

By liltink - Oct 2, 2009

TechRod TR-2 gym cost-effective and efficient

Strengths: Wide range of exercises possible Fast workout--less wasted time Upgradeable to higher resistance if needed Reasonably durable

Weakness: Not as adjustable as BowFlex (of course, it's a fraction of cost, too!) Would like squat attachment

I purchased the TechRod TR-2 gym in the spring of 2006. At the time, it was on sale for about $160, which is a fraction of the cost of other rod-type gyms. In the case of TechRod, I'd say you get a little more than you pay for. It works very well for me in providing a fast, efficient workout in a small space. I did not like working out in my basement, and the TechRod gym lets me workout in a...
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By PokeCheck1 - Apr 24, 2008

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