EF Fitness Power Tower Vertical Knee Raise VKR EF-4432

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If you are looking for a wide range of exercise capabilities and a sturdy attractive frame but have a limited amount of space, then the EF-4432 is ideal. The pull-up bar features slightly angled handles and is attached to the frame securely. This allows for chin-ups and pull-ups to be performed with a variety of grips and hand spacing. This will work your mid-back, or shoulders, upper back or biceps , depending on your grip and the distance between your hands for a complete upper body routine. The reverse facing pushup station located on the frame below the chin-up and pull-up station provides great a great pushup location. The grips are perfectly positioned off the floor which will allow a user to dip their chest completely level with their hands or even below. This can supply a well rounded chest routine that focuses on the inner, outer, upper, lower and central portions of the chest.


Product Title: EF Fitness Power Tower Vertical Knee Raise VKR EF-4432

Manufacturer: EF