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Hockey - Product Reviews

Most Helpful Reviews

5 Star Review Great puck


kyoryu - (December 27, 2005) Looking for a good inline puck that actually has some weight? Looking for a puck you can use on asphalt without it bouncing on every single bump? This is it. The Pro Puck is definitely the best puck that I've found for working on uneven terrain, and the additional weight is great if you're practicing for ice hockey, as the puck is closer to regulation weight than most inline pucks. The bad things? Well, it's heavier, which is good and bad... good if you're practicing for ice, bad if you normally play with the lighter pucks. It also has a better chance to hurt somebody if playing street hockey with little gear. Also, they're a bit pricey at about $8 a piece. Still, for practicing

5 Star Review ♥♥♥♥♥I'm in LOVE♥♥♥♥♥


fragmonkey7 - (March 10, 2006) If you are planning on buying a hockey stick, and you are ok spending a LOT of money, buy the hex-1. There are a lot of ice hockey sticks on the market, but this one is lighter and stronger than any other. I hightly reccomend the hex-1 one to the buyer with a LOT of cash, and a talent for hockey.

5 Star Review bob on greatest stick ever


xn10maniac - (January 07, 2006) The design is great i've used countless number of sticks), and this by far, is the best ever. its super light and durable. id recommend it over any other stick out there.

Latest Reviews

1 Star Review Misleading product title

leonid.braginsky@gmail_3968917 - (02/26/2013) Product is described as "case of 100". They sent ONE ball charging way too much for it. They never answered any of my messages. Forced me to reverse the payment through PayPal.

1 Star Review Misrepresentation

shopper2012 - (12/18/2012) The Franklin 12384F4 hockey goal net is being misrepresented in your description. It DOES NOT have a 25000 polyester pre-fil net. It is only 10000 for this particular model. I chose and ordered this 12384F4 model based on the description information pricegrabber provided and it is incorrect. Now my only choice is to return the 35 pound product at my expense and purchase another that meets the specifications I wanted. And I can't do that in time for Christmas.

5 Star Review Amazing look at me shoe!!!

Anonymous - (11/10/2011) I was soo excited to get my "Jeffrey Campbell" White Skate boots!!! When they came in the mail I was soo sad... they do run large. But they are very well made the heel is "AMAZING"!!! Had to send back but I plan on going down a size... & try and get more colors, And show them off for the "Upcoming Holiday's"!!!

Top Reviewers


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