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It Cures Your Side to Side Basketball Shooting Flaws For most basketball shooters, the main reason for inconsistent shooting is improper side-to-side wrist flaws during follow through. If a right-hand player prematurely flexes his/her index finger during follow through (most common), then his/her wrist will finish toward the outside, resulting in the wrist not flexing in a frontal plane. If they prematuraly flex their ring finger, their wrist will finish towards the inside. Where does your wrist finish? Because of its unique finger splint design, the J-Glove basketball shooting glove prevents finger flexion at the base and middle finger joints (MCP & PIP Joints), thus prventing a player's wrist from finishing to one side during follow through. Furthermore, the splint design allows while allows complete freedom at the top digt (DIP Joint) so a player can still naturally grip and feel

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Protection Area: Finger, Hand & Wrist

Product Type: Fan Gloves, Gloves

Sports Type: Basketball


Product Title: JumpUSA J Glove Finger Splint Basketball Shooting Glove Aid...

Manufacturer: JumpUSA

Lowest Price: $19.99 from JumpUSA

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