Yukon Traditions Yukon .50Caliber Muzzleloader with ScopeBlued/Black

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Don't let the Yukon's simple design fool you, it's packed with the latest technology all at a great value. There's not a lot of prepping with the Yukon. Just press the side action button to lower the drop breech, insert the primer, load a sabot, cock the hammer and you're ready to fire. This muzzleloader has a 24 blued barrel with 1in28twist rifling. The dual safety system includes a crossblock trigger safety built into the trigger guard. It has a reliable 209 primer ignition. The Rebound Hammer comes with an extended ambidextrous hammer spur to use when a scope is mounted on the gun. The Traditions Projectile Alignment System gets your projectile started with a perfect alignment in the muzzle. Extremely easy takedown with only three screws two for the stock and barrel and one for the trigger/hammer assembly. Monte Carlostyle stock. Fiberoptic sights. Includes 39x32 scope with rings and bases. Sling swivel studs. Solidaluminum ramrod. .50 caliber only. Overall length: 39. Weight: 61/2 lbs.


Product Title: Yukon Traditions Yukon .50Caliber Muzzleloader with ScopeBlued/Black

Manufacturer: Yukon

Power Score: 4.0 | 2 Reviews

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good gun scope no good

Strengths: will kill deer

Weakness: hard to prime and after shoot remove cap sticks

great for meat if you poor like a wv man

By anonymous; - Oct 9, 2012

yukon muzzle loader

Strengths: will kill adeer

Weakness: hard to prime with my arthritis

great gun for price killedtwo deer in there tracks used 2 tripple seven 240 grain tc sabots

By anonymous; - Dec 27, 2011

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