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HELP is here, with a Geco Flare Gun! Click images to enlarge... Opens to load 26.5 mm and 25 mm flares A top-quality German-made Flare Gun for signalling the Coast Guard or whoever else! It's beautifully made, with blued steel and rugged plastic grips. Fires 26.5 mm and 25 mm flares and, with the below Insert, 12-ga. marine flares. Includes bore brush, holster and shoulder strap.Send me your signal ONLINE and I'll send you yours! !!! Limited Quantities !!! Geco Flare Gun Click image to enlarge... 12-ga. Flare Conversion InsertHigh-grade black anodized aluminum. 3 3/4 long, weighs 2 ozs. NOTE: NOT for firing normal 12-ga. ammunition, which will not fit this shorter chamber. Got a flare for signaling? Stock up on Czech Military 26.5 mm Signal Flares, PRICED RIGHT! Click image to enlarge... Pop a flare, the bombers are returning from a milk run! HELP is here! Forget yelling, waving your arms, flashing mirrors, smoke signals or dancing the jig. Marry-up these live Flares with the Flar


Product Title: DYNAMIT NOBEL Geco Flare Gun

Manufacturer: DYNAMIT NOBEL