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Bushnell Laser Bore Sighter

Strengths: Easy to use, versatile, and a great value.

Weakness: None.

This bright, battery-powered laser makes rapid, ultra-precise work of bore sighting. The Bushnell Laser Bore sighter is created to meet the demands of gunsmiths and serious shooters, it includes arbors for .22lr through .50 caliber rifles and pistols, as well as 20 and 12 gauge shotguns. Best boresighter kit for the money.

By scubajagsteve - Dec 13, 2007

Bushnell 740100C Laser Boresighter from B&H

Strengths: GREAT boresighter---see my comments below. Fast professional service from B&H, with detailed shipping info.

Weakness: I should have bought a bright-colored model instead of basic black.

This Bushnell Laser Boresighter is easy to use, as demonstrated by the very brief instructions. There aren't even directions on changing the batteries, because it becomes self-evident by trying to open the battery compartment. Also, this boresighter uses common, inexpensive, batteries, which is a big plus over the years.
The included arbors for different calibers expand to make a tight fit in the barrel; I only hope these plastic arbors last a long time, or can be purchased separately at a reasonable price.
Using this Bushnell Boresighter on a new firearm and/or scope or replaced sights before going out to fire the firearm saves a great deal of time and ammo.
The tight fit in the bore I find superior to cartridge-type laser sighters, as most cartridge / shell lasers are much looser in the chamber.
My sole regret is not buying this in a red, or orange, or other bright color, as compared to this basic black.
Overall satisfaction in price, quality, and features is 10 out of 10!

By sedonahal - Mar 28, 2007

Bushnell Laser Bore Sighter

Strengths: Fits everything I have from handguns to shotguns. Anyone can use it!

Weakness: none

I've used different bore sighters that I've barrowed over the years from buddies, magnetic and augers with the etched glass. They are hard to use unless you have a buddy or bench with you. I received the Bushnell Laser Bore Sighter and opened the package turned it on and off, made sure all the pieces were there and grabbed my Turkey shot gun. I had installed a new sight on it and wanted to check it with my new bore sighter. I screwed the 12 gauge insert on the end of the laser, slid it down the barrel after turning it on, it was tight once it was seated against the end of the barrel. Aimed at a tree about 30 yards made the adjustments needed and I was done. Went to the range shot my gun and could not have been more satisfied with a product that I had purchased, I wanted to get the rest of my guns and check them it's that easy. I did take the choke out of the barrel but didn't have to. I never looked at the directions, the batteries were already installed. For the price, applications and the simplicity of this bore sighter I would by it for my buddies that have those others that I had used before.

By rhrjkgray - Jun 18, 2007

Bushnell Laser Bore Sighter .22 - .50 caliber firearms, 20&12 gauge shotguns

Strengths: Great price. Very simple & easy to use. Gets you on paper fast. So simple, I didn't need the directions.

Weakness: Not much. The switch could be better or have a more positive detent or click. Just check to make sure it is off.

The main thing to do is get on the target. This product does it first time. It does work better than my BSA bore sighter. Great at an outdoor range on a bright sunny day and at an indoor range. In all cases it has worked flawlessly. The key is to use the reflective "glint" target (included) for outdoor use. This has saved me countless miss rounds trying to find the target. The main thing is that it works and is a very good price.

By jdlego - Feb 21, 2007

Bushnell Laser Boresighter

Strengths: Bushnell Quality.

Weakness: Laser could be a bit moer stronger and accurate.

I've used a friends to sight my Leupold scope on my Model 1917 30-06 and saved a hell of alot of money on shells dialing it in. I'm buying one for myself because of the versatility .22 - .50 cal........Awesome. My kids have 2 brand new Bushnell scopes mounted on Marlin Model 60's ad we can use this to set them up. Nothing more frustrating for a new shooter than to set up a scope and rifle bore right out of the box. This should keep their interest for quite some time...

Thanks are in order firstly to Bushnell for the High Quality products and to Pricegrabber for finding me the best prices on the net...

Thanks again, Darrell, Kris and Kaitlin.

By Darrell_Quealey - Oct 20, 2006

Bushnell Laser Bore Sighter

Strengths: not sure yet

Weakness: not sure yet

Question. Does your bore sighter have the hole in the brass washer in front of the laser centered? Mine is off set. I've chucked it in a drill and ran it slowly and it makes a circle rather than a dot at 10 feet. Worse if farther.

By jimjams59 - Apr 16, 2009

Decent bore sighter

Strengths: Very versital and long distance shinning laser

Weakness: On/Off Swicth is very cheap dosn't work very well

I purchased this product because of the name. They are a very good company and I needed a bore sighter to sight in my shotgun and rifles. Overall it is a good product.

By mscotte2002 - Mar 19, 2008

Bushnell laser bore sighter

Strengths: easy to use, good laser, comes with batteries

Weakness: npne yet

We got one of these the other day and when we started to sight in our rifles we noticed the brass cassing inside the end of the tool where the laser goes through was off centre, this created huge problems when moving the laser to try and zero in.
We took it back to the gun shop and they got another one for us but it was the same so they are going to contact the company and try to find a better one for us.

By whale26 - Jan 10, 2010

Bushnell Laser Bore Sighter

Strengths: None Yet

Weakness: Does not work

Ordered it during Chistmas 2009 from Amazon. I opened the package and noticed the switch was set to ON. No surprise that it does not work. I am assuming the batteries are dead. I'll try replacing them tomorrow.

By chico411 - Jan 6, 2010

Bushnell Model 740100 Laser Boresighter

Strengths: Very bright laser light

Weakness: I find the bore adapters to be a little flimsy.

Haven\\\'t been able to use this product yet as I haven\\\'t yet purchased a mount for my scope; but it looks like it\\\'s going to be well worth the $$$ spent.

By mm5595 - Dec 31, 2007


Strengths: If used correctly works every time once tight make sure the arrow that is for on/off switch have that straight to the centre of the sight and the washer round the laser will be absalutely fine no prob

Weakness: flimsy bits better if metal i think and the switch but for the price saved the money on 100 pellets for a tenner.

dont expect it to do up and down but left and right will be spot on it is a simple peice of kit toom me a while to get used to to get the dot where it should be pooh instructions but the arrow tip air to where your iron sight front end will be or the middle of the scope and away you go once tightened dont over tighten recks the bits for it. battery change is simple look on youtube.

By anonymous; - Oct 26, 2010

Nice & Easy

This is a definate improvement over the prior model that had problems with the on/off switch. I happened to use this to bore sight my 50 caliber muzzle loader. I put the target out at 50 yards, used the boresight and the 1st 3 rounds were only 4 clicks of

By marbleeyesjg on Adorama - Sep 17, 2012

great for .22cal

Great to setup a scope. Will get you on the paper at 50 yards.

By sidecar on Adorama - Aug 20, 2012

Bushnell Laser Boresighter

Nice compact product,great price/value for the $; easy to carry in range bag(fairly fragile), needed to 'O' laser; not a big deal;tool provided; use reflective tape for target if operating in daylight, be careful with threads for bore arbors; they are VER

By EXD38MXR on Adorama - Jul 8, 2012

Get me close

Easy to use once you figure out how to attach and adjust the arbors correctly. Directions are a bit lacking and could use a bit more information. With that aside once you get how to use it, it does work very well. You do have to use it in very low light c

By Cody on Adorama - Jun 13, 2012

Right On The Dot

I immediately use this item to sight in a new scope for my Henry .22 rifle. After using the boresighter, I shot it twice at the target and it was "Right On The Dot".

By Big Papa Branham on Adorama - May 7, 2012

simple accurate

great product at a great price a few more bore fittings would be nice otherwise great product that's easy to use

By mattkino on Adorama - May 7, 2012

great for the price would buy again

helps get you on the paper faster, saves bullets

By sandman on Adorama - Apr 30, 2012

Spend little, get the same in value!

Most applicable to barrels longer than 4 inches and useful for only an initial scope or sight setting. Doesn't appear that it will stand up well with the test of time with cheap plastic inserts that are used for multiple caliber applications each that see

By maverick on Adorama - Apr 30, 2012


Used to zero in both optical, red dot and laser scopes and sighting devices. A small, light & easy to use device, but did not have an arbor to fit .40 cal. barrels.

By Ric on Adorama - Feb 20, 2012

Excellent product!

First use as a back up to live fire. Was on the money @ 100 yds. Easy to use and set up.

By Chris on Adorama - Jan 16, 2012

Not quite sure about this product.

With the laser off center - any difference in the orientation this product is installed in the barrel - will give a different location when trying to bore sight. It will get you on paper at about 25 yards and this will allow you to adjust to the longer di

By Bad Bob on Adorama - Jan 10, 2012

Bushnell Laser Bore Sighter

I bought one of these to bore sight my AR15. It's the biggest piece of junk I've ever used. Tried it on my .45. No good. Tried it on a .38 and a .380 Cal. Batteries would not stay in it. Through it in the garbage.

By anonymous; - Dec 28, 2011

Excellent product

Great product for me, safes lots of ammo when sighting in my scopes.

By Lloyd on Adorama - Nov 21, 2011

Bushnell Laser Boresighter 74-0100C

Strengths: Nothing

Weakness: Everything

This is the biggest peice of garbage. Bushnell should be ashamed to put their name on it. I wouldn't use it if it were free. The On Off swicth only worked once right out of the box. Since then it hasn't worked at all. The instructions don't even match my model. Never even had a chance to attempt sighting in my muzzle loader with this cheap product. Bought it yesterday evening and returning it the next day. Save your money, DO NOT BUY THIS. Shame on you Bushnell.

By anonymous; - Sep 14, 2011

Bushnell Laser Boresighter

I have tested chamber boresighters and found them to be less consistant than end of the barrel boresighters in long arms. I have not researched why but my guess would be a barrel that is out of alighment/straight by 1/1000 inch would be magnified @ 100yar

By Bill on Adorama - Sep 10, 2011

Nice item. works perfectly.

Used to align laser sights and scopes.

By Sawbones on Adorama - Jan 12, 2011

Great boresighter!

Makes it very easy to sight in without wasting ammo

By Chuck on Adorama - Apr 12, 2010

On/off switch broken.

On/oFF switch is broken.

By pirate on Adorama - Mar 21, 2010

Great bore sight gets the job done quick

Works fine easy to use.And the price was perfect

By jakedog on Adorama - Jan 10, 2010

Junk. Don't waste your $.

Cheaply made and the switch rarely worked. Light was very hard to see even in a darkened room. Call to the company did not solve the problem.

By unsatisfied on Adorama - Jan 10, 2010

What happened?

I thought I had something. Put the red dot scope on my .50 cal. muzzle loader turned on the laser made some adjustments, ...Perfect. Next time I went to use it on my shot gun, it would not power up.

By golfish on Adorama - Jan 10, 2010

2inches at 100

this bore sighter is the ticket for occasonal use.i bought it at the same time that i bought a new muzzle loader.the beam is not superbright but is adequate.i used it as directed.very simple.i pointed it at a white barn after dark and moved the cross hair

By satisfied shooter on Adorama - Jan 10, 2010

mediocre laser

Strengths: good price good product

Weakness: flimsy, not quite alings with barrel

i bought it its gets close but the problem im haveing is that each time the laser is removed and put back in it is off center i think it has something to do with the twist i reccomend use live ammo to make sure its its on

By anonymous; - Jan 1, 2010

Bushnell has poor quality and service

I bought this due to the great price. However, 2 issues were encountered to make this a poor quality item. The on/off switch is a joke! It is fixable by inserting two washers up against the battery like others recommended. The other issue is that the chea

By Steven in Las Vegas on Adorama - Dec 2, 2009

Bushnell Laser Bore Sighter

Strengths: Gets you in the X Ring worth every penny.

Weakness: The Switch could be a better grade.

Had it for over a year and just used it 1 hour ago to site in my 10/22. Sighted it in the house with my rifle on the kitchen table and my cross hairs on a picture of my mother in-law on the far wall. Once I got it aligned on the cross hairs of my scope I took it in the back yard and 10 rounds all in the black.

Worth the money for me and more important, my time.

By anonymous; - Nov 19, 2009

Worked great, with in about 20 minutes.

Just what I wanted. Can't do better than that

By airbalance on Adorama - Nov 2, 2009

Good for the price

Arbors offer adjustable fit. Good product for the price. Definitely helps get your scope or other sights on paper at 25-50 yards max.

By Kirk on Adorama - Nov 2, 2009

easy to use, worth of the money

functions well, the manul is too simple,don't know how to change the battery.

By k_c_sun on Adorama - Aug 19, 2009

It appears to be an improved model.

Since I have not used it yet I don't have any comments about it.

By Hank on Adorama - Feb 20, 2009

Great for universal-use

For general universal laser siting for each of my guns; Great for preliminary siting. Suggest that the user use the next smallest adapter down and adjust for best bore fitting.

By Constantinos on Adorama - Feb 20, 2009

It'll put you on the paper...

It worked well for rifles .22-.45 using the supplied bushings. Get the right bushing on (smaller than the bore and expanded to almost snug), put it in place and twist just enough for the bushing to hold bore sight in place in the muzzle... Turn it on care

By Captain R on Adorama - Feb 20, 2009

great little laser

this product is great. Its easy to use. The only thing I found I didn't like about it was the on and off switch, is very touchy. Would recommend highly

By archery fanatic on Adorama - Dec 30, 2008

It's just get what you ..

This is a low level bore sighter, and it's biggest drawback is a very cheap laser light. It disperses way too much, even at a paltry 25 feet for good results for a precision shooting rifle. Good for bore sighting in a 22 or a pellet gun at best.

By The Hunter on Adorama - Dec 29, 2008

Would be good if you can turn it on

The first time it was used, it functioned well, however the second time I could not get the laser to stay on. The switch is extremely cheap. I am very unhappy with this item. Of course, the warranty has expired.

By Hunter on Adorama - Nov 28, 2008

great value

[...] Use this as I feel a bore sight should be used, and it works fine. You should not expect to put one in the x ring on your first shot. You should expect to hit the paper and refine from there. Not a bad design, I didn't really understand how it wor

By workhurts on Adorama - Nov 27, 2008

The little laser that could

What I like is the price of the item. Was shipped well and had no other faults besides a sightly faulty on/off switch. Once I fixed or adjusted the switch it worked as described. Got me on paper. And fine tuning right on target. Thank You

By Digger on Adorama - Sep 24, 2008


Strengths: versital

Weakness: needs 6" barrel or longer

works perfect. Very versital. laser bright and clear. easy to follow instructions.would recomend to anyone. save a ton on ammo. convenent carring pouch with velcro closeures. batteries are included

By anonymous; - Mar 28, 2007