Hawk Belair Electro Powered Caddy Golf Cart

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Golf Cart Type: Ride-On Carts


Product Title: Hawk Belair Electro Powered Caddy Golf Cart

Manufacturer: Hawk

Power Score: 1.5 | 2 Reviews

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fair unit

Strengths: Unit is fairly light and easy to place in vehicle.

Weakness: Workmanship and quality of material very poor

Unit arrived with the score card cover damaged and I received no response from company. The locking to maintain handle height lasted for only about 8 rounds, I have to use a clamp from the hardware store to keep handle in place. Folding unit is a problem the plastic inset moves forward so when you release to knob to fold the unit won't fold. I have to keep a screw driver handy to force the unit...
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By anonymous; - Dec 5, 2008


Strengths: Light, easy to use

Weakness: Wheel bearings extremely poor quality and load cut out not repalceable.

I have found this unit to be very light and good to use.
However the quality of components is extremely poor and only after a short time of use I had to have the wheel bearings repaired.
Lack of local suppliers is the worst feature.
As the cut out has now failed I have a golf cart that has been hardly used and can only describe it as a throw away item due to lack of parts.

By BobAubrey - Nov 10, 2008

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