Sportcraft Chatham 56" Foosball Table

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Get Your Friends Into The Game With the Sportcraft Foosball When your friends come over, nothing makes for more fun and excitement than foosball, and there s no better way to play than with a quality table like the Sportcraft Foosball Table. Don t settle for a weakly built product, get a sturdy table that can handle intense foosball action of flying balls, spinning kickers and rapid-fire movement without having to stop for repairs. Easy to set-up, this Sportcraft Foosball table features built-in leg levelers to ensure a perfectly level playing surface, and reinforcement added by brushed steel corner accents brings durability and long life to areas that can get battered and worn with heavy action. Built to last, this furniture-style foosball table utilizes the same construction that creates enduring cabinets to make it last through hundreds of high-impact games. The Sportcraft Foosball Table is designed for play. Its counter-balanced players offer super-responsive blocks and kicks as they slide easily through super smooth bushings, making games faster and more intense than on lesser tables, while you tick each goal off with the metallic score beads. Built with special rubber shock absorbers and steel reinforced bushings, this table is designed for fast paced, ball flying action. Stylish enough for any game or living room, Sportcraft Foosball delivers striking wood grain surfaces accented with brushed steel trim and a deep green field at the center of the action. More than


Product Title: Sportcraft Chatham 56" Foosball Table

Manufacturer: Sportcraft

Power Score: 3.2 | 0 Reviews

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