MDS Glass Fruit Fly Trap with Lure

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The Glass Fruit Fly Trap is an elegant solution for pesky fruit flies in home. Made from beautiful colored glass, these traps are designed for beauty as well as functionality. The attractive glass jar is>inches tall and looks great hanging by>window or sitting on>counter. The unique design offers an easy way to defeat invading pests. The secret is the hidden entrance into the bottom of the bottle, which has been shaped like>mini volcano. Mix the included lure packet with water, add>drop or two of dishwashing soap and pour it gently into the trap, avoiding the “volcano” hole. Replace the cork stopper. The insects will be attracted to the pheromone based lure and enter through the bottom hole. Once inside, they will be drowned in the liquid lure that surrounds the entrance like>moat. The lure mixture is good for 10 to 14 days or until the trap is full and must be emptied. Due to the glass construction, this trap is easily cleaned with soap and water. Catch the pests in your home and look good doing it with the Glass Fruit Fly Trap. Lure Ingredients:>proprietary blend, consisting of apple fruit essence,>floral odor attractant, hexanol (a fruit essence), and alcohol as>preservative and antimicrobial.


Product Title: MDS Glass Fruit Fly Trap with Lure

Manufacturer: MDS