NordicTrack SL 728 Recumbent Exercise Bike

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Fitness Treadmill Monitor: monitor not include

Exercise Bike Type: recumbent


Product Title: NordicTrack SL 728 Recumbent Exercise Bike

Manufacturer: NordicTrack

Power Score: 2.6 | 14 Reviews

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Solid Bike

Strengths: very sturdy, good features and settings

Weakness: -control panel looks a bit dated

Very good bike. Had this for quite a few years with no problems, still running strong. The step through design makes it very easy for me to get in and out since I have joint problems.

By Nater__ - Jul 8, 2012

Very Smooth, Looks Great, Comfortable with Good Features

Strengths: -Wide seat (plus adjustable distance)-Pre set exercise routes-variety of tension settings-heart rate sensors-very solid (does not bounce or move around)

Weakness: -you will need to tighten the screws on the seat about every year (minor)-does take up more space than other bikes -internal pulley system flaws (on early production models - not on mine)

I bought this used a few years and am very happy with it. This is one of the higher end recumbent bikes. I know that some of the earlier production models had problems with the internal pulley system. These issues were later addressed. You should test the bike out on a high tension setting. If you don't feel solid resistance it may be one of the earlier production models with the pulley...
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By dave0000 - Jul 8, 2012


Strengths: Very resistent

Weakness: none

I own it for 6 years never had any problems, using it almost everyday. I'm a professional athlete, so I can tell it's a great item to have at home.

By anonymous; - Jan 10, 2011

Stear Clear of NorticTrack

Strengths: None

Weakness: Poor design. Cheap parts. Bad fixes.

Just search Google and see all of the complaints. Bend flywheel caused rubbing and belt wear. Misaligned belt inturn caused damage to crack wheel. Bad deisgn and cheap.

By anonymous; - Apr 10, 2010

Nordic track SL728

Strengths: Comfortable and plenty of adjustability

Weakness: Durability

The roller bearing is junk. It wore out in less than 100 miles of riding. Nordick Track makes you buy an entire flywheel assembly as replacement for $149. plus S&H. This is a ripoff

By anonymous; - Feb 5, 2010

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