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Perfect for the low-impact workout

Strengths: Very stable Good stride length Serves the purpose

Weakness: Keep time aside for putting it together Expected the machine to fold the other way

I have been spoilt by the detailed instructions provided by manufacturers like Sauder. It took more time, than I had anticipated, to assemble the elliptical. It is easy to make mistakes and the screws do not go in easily. This probably makes it sturdy once assembled, but you do need a power screwdriver.
The back folds up when not in use. This is useful if you keep the elliptical facing the wall. But if you keep the elliptical facing the wall, it is boring to see the wall when you are using the elliptical. It is not really a spacesaver.
I wish NordicTrack would enable downloading more iFit programs to an SD card from the computer. It seems very uneconomical for the customer to buy the iFit program with an SD card every time.
I made a conscious decision of not upgrading to the 900 series elliptical that has an electronic power ramp. The 800 has a manual ramp and so far I have not had the need to stop my workout just to move the ramp.
This elliptical has a very stable movement and I will probably never use the treadmill again.

By edeal seeker - Mar 1, 2008

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By - Nov 3, 2009