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Why is this model our favorite digital car compass? This model has the strongest suction cup of any car compass we carry, one of the brightest blue backlights of any model, an intuitive display with your cardinal direction accompanied by the bearing in degrees, and a nice slim design. The Digital Navigator Car Compass uses patented Magneto-Inductive sensor technology to compensate for your vehicles magnetic distortion. The rotating bearing display moves in real-time as the vehicle turns. The unique display shows your heading in degrees and cardinal bearing (N,NE,S,SE,etc.), along with the intuitive rotating display. And the deluxe locking suction cup is sure to hold your compass secure through the toughest terrain. This completely battery operated model does offer the convenience of a blue backlight for night time viewing, and an automatic 5 second time out for battery conservation. Each unit operates on 2 AAA batteries, and they are already included in the compass packaging. The unit requires a simple auto-calibration once the unit is installed in your vehicle. And this one-time calibration is all that is necessary until you move the unit or replace the batteries. Here's how you use this model: There is an ON/OFF button you hit when you get in the car. During the daytime, you will always be able to see the compass. If it is nighttime, you will need to hit the light button to light up the backlight each time you need to learn your direction. The backlight will stay lit for about 5 seconds and then go dark again. (This is to conserve battery use. If the backlight stayed on constantly while you were driving the battery would last about one week of use.) Before leaving the car, you can turn the compass off. If you forget to turn it off, the unit will automatically turn itself off 4 hours from the time it was turned on. Overall Weight (with batteries): 3.4 oz. Compass Unit Size: 3in W x 2.6in H See all of our CAR COMPASSES

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Product Title: Navigator Digital Navigator Car Compass

Manufacturer: Navigator

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