Reviews for Coleman 17' x 12' Big Cypress Tent

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This Tent is HUGE!

Strengths: THis tent is so roomy, you could put 4 queen size air mattresses in it and still have room! Tons of Head room, you can stand upright all in the tent, 7 ft ceilings!very easy to put up.

Weakness: Leaked like a sieve!

We have always had Coleman tents, our last one made it 10 years before being ripped apart in a bad wind/thunderstorm.
We went out and purchased this tent through The very first trip, we had a rain storm, not even a bad one and the tent leaked, and I mean leaked, EVERYWHERE. Our 3 children were huddled under sleeping bags to keep the rain off, there were puddles around the sides. We were very disappointed in this tent, but thought it must have been a reject so we got a different model, the Montana 10, this weekend we camped, 1 night, it rained, IT leaked. Guess Coleman has changed the way they waterproof. We are currently looking for a different brand Family tent.

By madsen5 - Aug 14, 2006