Leatherman Wave Multi-tool Pliers

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Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool Pliers - 8.50 Oz 830037 830037

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Camping Knife Type: multi tool

Color: Multi


Product Title: Leatherman Wave Multi-tool Pliers

Manufacturer: Leatherman

Lowest Price: $79.00 from Fullfillment By Amazon

Power Score: 5 | 4 Reviews

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Product Reviews (4)

Built to survive

Strengths: Best multi tool created!

Weakness: Its too good to be true..

The all new leatherman wave combines duribility, comfort, and well, everything. You will not be disappointed with this Tool. Survivor man uses it by choice. Dont go for the gerber version, LEATHERMAN is the best brand. I use it all the time. Cut and cook some food, or survive in the roughest terrain mother nature created THE ONE AND ONLY MULTI TOOL YOULL EVER NEED. The best of the best.

By anonymous; - Jan 11, 2008

Leatherman Wave and Leather Sheath

Strengths: Very versatile, I call it, "my one pocket tool-box"!

Weakness: Do not cut high tensil wire with the cutters, or you could dent the edge on the pliers.

Excellent, multi-purpose tool. I have owned three of the Leatherman Waves, and am buying two more for my sons for Christmas presents. We ranch in the sandhills of Nebraska, I won't leave the door without one in my pocket. If I was on a show about survival, I would want one in my pocket! Very high quality made tool, I've had other types and brands, but nothing matches the Leatherman Wave.

By frybee - Dec 2, 2007

Leatherman Wave And Leather Sheath

Strengths: The benchmark for multi-tools. Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel, has all the basic tool functions for many applications. Minimal care requirements and lengthy service life.

Weakness: Blade / Tool Locking mechanism could still use a little refining

I work in a profession where I use a Leatherman every day. The Wave is Leatherman's next iteration of product line from the original Leatherman. Improvements include a much more positive locking mechanism for the blades / tools. The most noticeable improvement is the articulating points at the top of the handles / bottom of the plier jaw. This feature opens up the distance between the handles...
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By johnoconnell - Oct 24, 2007

Excellent multi-tool

Strengths: Solidly built, strong, very versatile

Weakness: Some of the inner tools are hard to access

The knives are sharp, and the pliers strong. This tool as served me well since I got it as a gift a few years ago. I have no complaints with it other than that some of the tools on the inside are very hard to access.

By ahitron - Jan 5, 2006

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