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Camping Coolers - Product Reviews

Most Helpful Reviews

5 Star Review I love this cooler!


blair222 - (July 15, 2005) I love this cooler, I load it the night before we leave for camping and use the house plug, and then plug it in to the car while we travel and then plug in the electric at the campsite. It is easy to carry, and I found it held a great deal of food for my family of 4. It kept everything nicely chilled and is not very loud either. I am very pleased with it and Walmart has the best price by far!

5 Star Review Coleman Xtreme Coolers Are Money Well Spent


redneck_woman - (July 06, 2006) This is the fourth cooler we've bought for camping. It is by far the most superior. Instead of buying bags of ice cubes every day for our old cooler, the Xtreme keeps items cold for three days We have found that if we use one of the older coolers for canned soda and beer - which we are often getting, then the Xtreme keeps our perishables at a cold temperature longer, as we are not constantly opening and closing the lid. The LAST thing you want to happen while camping is getting food poisoning from spoiling meat, salads with mayo, cheese and the like. Another great tip for the Xtreme is to freeze milk or juice carton containers of water and using them instead of bags of ice. Not only do

4 Star Review Coleman Powerchill Thermo-Electric Cooler


timesucker - (February 22, 2006) I bought this at Christmas-time in 2004, and it lasted a little less than 14 months before the motor wore out. The last few months it made a lot of noise as the motor bearings slowly went. Machine oil didn't seem to help. New motor is only $13 plus ~$6 shipping (plus tax in my state. Coleman helpfully collects that.) Coleman tends to provide good support for parts. You can also buy module kits, fan sets & cords. It cools well, not as good as a conventional refrigerator, but it has dual power capability for a lower price than you'll get with a refrigerator. It heats very well if you swap around the power cord. Color code on the plugs shows you how to connect to get heat or coolin

Latest Reviews

5 Star Review Follow the instructions

Dave - (08/20/2013) Don't expect to open this cooler in 7 days and have mostly ice left. That's unreasonable. If you don't do the things below, you'll be lucky to get 5 days if it's warm. To get 7-10 days of [any] ice retention: 1) Ice to contents ratio: 2:1 2) Chill stuff prior to putting in cooler. 3) Use block ice (make at home in your own freezer) 4) Cooler should be chilled prior to adding ice and stuff. Getting 7-10 days is hard when ambient temperature is above 80 degrees 7/24. In cooler weather, getting 10 days would be a snap. At the end of 7-10 days, you'll have mostly very cold water with your stuff bobbing around in it and a little ice. Cooler is strong, slick and worth every penny if you don't like to worry about your next ice stop. Cooler needs a dry rack which I haven't seen from Pelican yet. Cooler really needs a pressure relief valve. When the gasket gets wet, and you come down out of the mountains, you'll be prying the lid open. Even the temperature/pressure differential opening and closing the lid will make it hard to open on hot days.

5 Star Review Is very functionable.

Christy - (06/18/2013) Super awesome! Works great when we entertain. Friends are borrowing it as well.

1 Star Review Do NOT Fit Champion / Essick Air 3000 or 3300 Coolers

Zac428 - (06/10/2013) These are not a "universal fit" leg - even though they are labeled as such. They do not fit a Champion or Essick Air 3000 or 3300 cfm down draft cooler without modifying the bottom pan edges (like with an angle grinder!). Also the radius bend in the leg that makes them for "round corner" coolers, does not match the radius of the cooler frame corner - so there is no cupping of the frame to provide stability. Summary: Very over-priced, spray-painted angle iron. Note that since Dial mfg. is the only game in town on cooler accessories, you take it or leave it.

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